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Jordan Tyler Fitness: Fitness, Health, and Everything Else. 


JT believes all things are possible through fitness. His philosophy is that “passion always wins”. Fitness always rewards those who put their mind, body, and soul into the work with the highest quality of life they deserve. Nothing is more spiritually rewarding than seeing people mentally and physically passionate about wellness, and that is what inspires  JT to go beyond the call of duty for his clients. “I believe the squat the squat is the perfect analogy to life; it’s about standing back up after someone or something knocks you down. What I’m teaching is resiliency for everyday life through personal fitness.”


JT attended Morehouse College to study how to authentically connect people to their purpose using Sports Psychology and Personal Fitness. His commitment to mental and physical wellness led him to become the first Black intern for the Golden State Warriors’ Foundation Department in 2014. In 2015, Jordan Tyler Fitness, LLC was founded. The following year, JT secured a contract with Morehouse College, where he trained more than 20 faculty and staff on campus running his small group training program for the academic year.

In 2017, JT successfully merged all three universities in the AUC (Atlanta University Center) together and ran indoor and outdoor workouts for students for free. That work led to getting the attention of Morehouse College President David A. Thomas and him becoming a client as well. Since returning to Oakland, CA in 2018, JT has worked as a strength and conditioning coach for Oakland High Varsity Football Team and Xclusive Speed Sports Performance. 

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