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The Personal Training programs are designed to give each client the one-on-one attention they deserve so they can achieve what matters most to them. Customized training programs are created based on an extensive conversation between client and trainer to help the trainer understand the needs of the client and help achieve the goal the client desires, regardless of what they might be. With this in mind, the training will be focused on understanding each person’s unique needs, providing personalized attention to the client, and offering support along the way.  Programs will be adjusted when needed, whether it means scaling back to prevent injury, ramping up the train because a goal has been surpassed, or providing additional motivation when it’s needed most. 
M-TH 7-8AM; 9-10AM; 10-11AM; 3-4PM; 4-5PM; 8-9PM (Personal /Group Training Times)


With small group fitness training,  people get a superior workout experience while building relationships that help to increase personal accountability so they have fun and stick with it. Whether people want to increase their energy levels, run their first 5k, lose 10 pounds, or feel stronger, reaching your goals with small group training will be done. The Small Group Training programs are designed to improve motivation, accountability, and results. We’ll take the time to make adjustments, improve technique, answer questions, and provide the motivation that people need to keep coming back and achieve their goals.

S2 CLASS (Bootcamp); 5:45-6:30PM on Thursdays

NONSTOP (Bootcamp); 6;45-7:30PM on Fridays

SQUAT (Women’s Bootcamp); 10:30-11:30AM on Saturdays

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